Monsterwood Book 2




MONSTERWOOD Book 2 is a coming of age, Fantasy Graphic Novel set in the ancient, haunting, and beautiful world of Magog.



Monsterwood Book 2: Awakening is the 2nd in the trilogy of graphic Novels. 


Jovis and the Princess Jocosta, along with her faithful companion Scrag, have reached Monsterwood. Jocosta heads off to Mani Depu, a holy place, where she will be anointed Queen. Jovis is simply in hiding. But he is captured by a ragtag Monster guerilla force and discovers that his own family is involved in plans for a rebellion. After Jocosta and Scrag are attacked and Scrag is almost killed, the Princess happens upon the guerilla camp, where she is held hostage. In the meantime, Jovis discovers his strengthening healing powers and helps Scrag recover. Jocosta is still determined to reach Mani Depu, and for reasons unknown, the leader of the rebels sends her and Scrag there…with Jovis to accompany them. What will happen when they get there…and what awful price will the Monster forces pay as Tiberius’s armies enter Monsterwood for a final showdown?


Monsterwood Book 2: Awakening, is the second of three, 60 page Monsterwood graphic novels, which together, will comprise the first story arc. 


Monsterwood falls squarely in the coming-of-age mythos, but contains significant twists, outlandish creatures, strong female characters, plenty of sinister villains, and tons of action and adventure. Monsterwood has a fairy tale like aesthetic with appropriately dark edges, resulting in a look and feel that is at-once ancient, mysterious, haunting, and beautiful.


If you are a fan of classic hero's journey fantasy such as, J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, and Lord of The Rings, or 70's and 80's cinematic fantasy like Bakshi's Wizards and Fire and Ice, Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, then MONSTERWOOD is for YOU!