Monsterwood Book 1

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Monsterwood is a young adult graphic novel series that takes place fourteen years after the king and queen of Magog met mysterious, violent deaths at the hands of a group of deformed outcasts known as monsters.




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Now, as a new ruler is about to be crowned, two young people from completely different backgrounds--Jovis, a scrappy, independent young commoner, and the Princess Jocosta, herself the courageous....

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willful heir to the throne--will reluctantly join forces on a journey into the dark and forbidding forest known as Monsterwood.

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There, they will discover the truth about what really happened in those dark days of betrayal and murder...and begin to fulfill their own destinies.

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Landing somewhere between The Lord of the Rings and the Dark Crystal, Monsterwood is a coming of age story that combines a fairy tale aesthetic with appropriately dark edge....,

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twists, outlandish creatures, strong female characters, tons of action and adventure in a world that is both haunting, and beautiful.

Monster wood book

Monsterwood: Book 1, is the first of three, 60 page Monsterwood
graphic novels, which together, will comprise the first story arc.