Welcome to Skinwalker Studios.

Creatures, Props, and Special Makeup Effects.

We specialize in the concept, design and creation of astonishing character and creature effects, special makeup effects, basic animatronics and action props. Our goal is to provide you with Hollywood level effects at very competitive rates. From sketch to final deliverables, we manage all aspects of the project with cutting edge tools, our team provides close to 50 years of combined creative experience.

In Native American legends, a skin-walker is a human being who have gained supernatural power by breaking a cultural taboo, allowing them to turn into any creature he or she desires. In much the same way, the artists and designers at Skinwalker Studios have the ability to see and help realize your vision for stage, film, televison, print, or game property.


Practical experience and dedication to the craft means something, and always wins in the end. We live, breathe, and love our craft. Our concept work employs a methodology that marries process with a dedication to our passion and respect for timing and budget. Our clients enjoy finger-on-the-pulse project updates, and are part of our process.


Our work speaks for itself. Cutting-edge tools combined with a work ethic that can’t be beat. With credits ranging from feature film to television, to web to  printed page, we’ve been involved in all aspects of design, and know how to make it work for your medium.


Access to the best in the industry, from fabrication to finishing. The life cycle of our projects involves some of the most talented artists in the industry. There’s not one part of the process where we cut corners. Quality comes first.

Creative Direction and Project Management

Creative services and project management are all handled within the Skinwalker hive. Our project experience is immense; creature design, make up, puppets, animatronics, comic book and graphic novels, and more. We’re at home in your fantasy world.

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