When an evil regent in the mythical kingdom of Magog threatens to destroy anything and everyone who stands between him and ultimate power, a cynical teen who has spent his life avoiding trouble finds himself smack in the middle of it…running for his life towards a destiny he could never have imagined.

Monsterwood: Book 1, is the first of three, 60+ page Monsterwood graphic novels, which together, will comprise the first story arc. Monsterwood: Book 1 was successfully funded through our Kickstarter campaign.

“Monsterwood falls squarely in the coming-of-age mythos, but contains significant twists, outlandish creatures, strong female characters, plenty of sinister villains, and tons of action and adventure. Monsterwood has a fairy tale like aesthetic with appropriately dark edges, resulting in a look and feel that is at-once ancient, mysterious, haunting, and beautiful.”

The Monsterwood book was designed and laid out as a beautiful 9″x12″ casebound book, much like a high-end coffee table book. We are also including a special reflective spot UV varnish on the book to create a beautiful, luxury effect. The story and art deserve no less. The books are beautiful.

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Concepts and Panels from the development process…

About Monsterwood…

Jason Rosen is creature/character designer, sculptor, puppeteer/performer and the creator and co-writer of Monsterwood. As founder of SKINWALKER STUDIOS, he has designed/sculpted/ and or provided Special effects for Wes Craven, NBC /Universal, Chiller Channel, Synthetic Cinema, Side-Fx Studio, Swamp Ape Studios, Fonco Creative, Director A.D. Calvo, and others.

Monsterwood is his true labor of love.

Louise A. Gikow is the multiple Emmy-award-winning author/composer of over 150 scripts, books, and songs for kids and adults. Screenwriter Gikow began her career at the legendary National Lampoon magazine. She has also served as Editor in Chief/creative consultant at Jim Henson Productions, VP of Multimedia/Publishing at Nickelodeon, and SVP, Creative Operations at Sirius Thinking, creator of Between the Lions and Lomax: The Hound of Music. She is the co-creator and head writer of the Emmy-nominated Johnny and the Sprites for Playhouse Disney, writer of two critically acclaimed Museum of Natural History planetarium shows, and co-creator and writer of “Oh Noah!” an online series for PBS Kids-Go that was recently nominated for an Emmy and won the prestigious Imagen award for best online comedy.

Sally Ann Syberg comes from a 20+ year career in production at the bleeding edge of most of the entertainment industry’s technological advances and their creative applications. An Emmy Award-winning producer with her finger on the industry’s pulse, Syberg is a “maven” who knows the who, what and where of what is happening in the industry. She is also a “connector” whose wide network of contacts has resulted in work, creative serendipity and informed every project with which she has been associated.

Steve Ellis has worn many hats as illustrator, author, art director and concept designer. Steve has created artwork and conceived projects for companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Random House, Impact books, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, AMC, Scholastic Books, Impact books, Rogue Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment and many others. Recently he has developed the Harvey Award winning comic series High Moon for DC Comics as well as acted as the lead designer, storyboard artist and illustrator on AMC’s Breaking Bad (The Cost of Doing Business) and The Walking Dead (Dead Reckoning) games.

Stephen Rovetti is an award-winning graphic designer and creative director, as well as a marketing/communications professional. His tremendously diverse skill set with photography, design, film, and branding lends itself well to the art and creative direction of the project.